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Sun Pishu with the wave of "Three Kings"

Sun Pishu with the wave of "Three Kings"

I always wanted the opportunity to write the wave of several veterans groups, the special provides a platform appropriate. Although the contact time the interview is the most interviewed several veterans busy.

Group President Sun Pishu is the wave of "commander in chief" is the development of the strategic command group and the leader in command. Sun Pishu there under the command of the wave of the "Three Kings": wave (Beijing), general manager of Wangen Dong, Bai-Hua Wang, and wave the wave of software, communications software CEO, President Wang Xingshan. In addition to Wangen Dong, I just interviewed at different occasions the other three front-runners.

Group President Sun Pishu is my first formal interview with the wave of people. The fall of 2002, the wave of the Group headquarters in Jinan, Sun Zong to me about the wave of software products, hardware, strategy, say people are 40 of their dreams, about the wave of yesterday, today and in the future have occurred and about what happened. Accompanied by faint trace strands of the birds outside the window, my mind was president of Sun Pishu traction to the industry in depth Meteorology Department.

"People have great heart, great things can be made," Sun Pishu who used appropriately. The real world entrepreneurs should mind, but he is like that. His open-minded and above-board, do not like unnecessary fuss and disputes, but like hard work, practical life. This led the wave of development style is pragmatic and moderate, not the general IT Enterprise Expansion and short-lived.

Verify My Sun Pishu evaluation is the end of 2002 he was named "National Ten Outstanding Young." Sun Pishu wisdom to navigate the waves of doubt age giant ship set sail boats in the new tide.

Corresponding rise in the Chinese software market is creating an unprecedented wealth and opportunity, the tide has seen the dawn ahead. Origin of the wave of the hardware to do the development for 30 years, the software has become the sales of the "rising star." 1.5 billion software group for the wave of revenue contributions towards the wave and the wave of communications software CEO Bai-Hua Wang Wang Xingshan soft president.

I have several contacts Bai-Hua Wang, the first is the "2001 Top Ten Chinese software leader" award on-site, refined the Bai-Hua Wang from the temperament it is easy to think of "jade tree" or similar adjectives. Bai-Hua Wang is quiet, not domineering, even though that year he was awarded "China Top Ten Software leader" title, and with a well-paid leading software companies.

But with the Bai-Hua Wang in-depth conversation, you will find his refined appearance, there is a hole out things in the heart. For the software industry, he see and think clearly, quasi-steady shots. He refused orders from the main temptation to go for focused development, and continually seek to enjoy the waves in the capital chain, software development and happiness.

Wave through soft-president Wang Xingshan I recently came into contact early this year at the "2002 China top ten software leader" presentation scene, I saw "ten figure" one of the winners of the wave through soft-president Wang Xingshan. Study in Japan for many years in the king Xingshan, has its own unique temperament, he is active and logical system of thinking people closely, there Shandong unique generosity and agile creativeness, but he concentrate on the rules and processes of scientific integrity.

It also determines the wave of applications through software in the industry market share steady pace all the way up and not jump too much and feel a sense of not having peace of mind concerns. The face of large and demanding needs of industrial users, no doubt the wave of Wang Xingshan to build this company through the soft character is just about right.

Decide the fate of a person's character, a business leader determines the future of business rise and fall, this is my interview with career profound experience for many years. Several groups in the wave of leaders who, once again proved that my judge. 6.4 billion in 2002 revenue wave plates, 15 billion of software revenue is the biggest cake. By 2005, the wave of the Group to reach 5.5 billion software revenue, as the wave of the Group 2 Golden Flower, the tide wave through soft software and software that carries the wave of hope. Both the president and Sun Pishu, or Bai-Hua Wang and Wang Xingshan, are well aware of this and work together to wave software pie.

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DVD burner came, CD-RW we need either?

2004, the most notable DVD optical storage products is undoubtedly the burners, but from the view of the current market conditions, as CD burner in the technology matured, together with the price advantages, is still the majority of individuals, families the user's choice. However, because the CD recording market is mature and large, makes the CD recorder market was mixed for the CD burner to choose a user must master the purchase of essentials.

Select the mainstream speed

In the recorder panel, usually identified with three speeds, respectively, recording speed, re-engraved speed and read speed (Figure 1). Marked as 52X32X 52X burner burner burning rate note, re-engraved speed and read speed is 52 times, respectively, 32 speed and 52 times, is now rated speed is the mainstream speed, burn a CD-R 700M of Just 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Cache capacity, the more the better

CD recorder buffer has an important meaning in the burning process, all data must first read to the cache from the hard disk and then burn to a disc.鑰岃繖涓?繃绋嬪繀椤绘槸杩炵画鐨勶紝鍚﹀垯灏变細鍑虹幇钁楀悕鐨勨?Buffer Under Run鈥濋敊璇紝瀵艰嚧鍒诲綍澶辫触銆?br />
銆??鐩墠涓绘祦鍒诲綍鏈洪兘閲囩敤2MB鐨勭紦瀛樺閲忥紝浣嗘槸涓?簺鍒诲綍鏈鸿繕鏄噰鐢ㄤ簡8MB鐨勫ぇ瀹归噺缂撳瓨锛岃浜哄姞鍊嶆斁蹇冿紝渚嬪鏄庡熀5232P(濡傚浘2 )


銆??闃插埢姝绘妧鏈槸鍒诲綍鏈烘?鑳界殑涓?釜閲嶈淇濋殰锛岀洰鍓嶈緝甯歌鐨勬湁Burn-Proof锛孞ustlink鍜孲eamless Link闃插埢姝绘妧鏈紝鍘熺悊涓婂熀鏈浉閫氥?

銆??Burn-Proof鍜?Just Link闃插埢姝绘妧鏈洜寮?彂鏃堕棿鏁欐棭锛屾墍浠ヤ骇鐢熺殑闂撮殭杈冨ぇ銆?br />
銆??Seamless Link闃插埢姝绘妧鏈彿绉扳?鏃犵紳杩炴帴鎶?湳鈥濓紝杩欑鎶?湳鍦ㄥ埢褰曞厜鐩樻椂鎵?舰鎴愮殑绌洪殭灏忥紝鍑犱箮杈惧埌浜嗗彲浠ュ拷鐣ヤ笉璁$殑姘村钩銆傝?涓旓紝璇ユ妧鏈渶澶х殑浼樼偣鏄熀浜庣‖浠跺眰鐨勯槻鍒绘鎶?湳锛屼笉闇?杞欢鏀寔灏卞彲浠ュ疄鐜伴槻鍒绘鍔熻兘銆傜洰鍓嶅凡缁忓彂灞曞埌浜嗙涓変唬锛屾柊澧炵殑鑷姩瀵艰埅鍔熻兘锛屾牴鎹郴缁熺殑鍙敤璧勬簮鐘跺喌锛岄殢鏃惰皟鏁村埢褰曢?搴︼紝淇濊瘉浜嗗埢褰曡川閲忋?鏂板鐨勨?闃叉挒绮剧伒鈥濓紝浠ヨ蒋浠舵満鍒堕伩鍏嶅埢褰曟椂鐩樼墖涓庢縺鍏夊ご涔嬮棿鍙楀鍔涚鎾炶?浜х敓鐨勪綅绉诲拰鍒荤洏澶辫触銆?br />

銆??瑕佽繘琛岄珮閫熺殑鍒诲綍锛屼粎浠呮湁DVD/index.shtml'' target=''_blank'' class=''article''>鍒诲綍鏈虹殑鏀寔杩樻槸涓嶅鐨勶紝浣跨敤鐨勫厜鐩樼墖杩樺繀椤绘敮鎸侀珮閫熷埢褰曘?浠ョ洰鍓嶄富娴佺殑52鍊嶉?鍒诲綍涓轰緥锛屾墍浣跨敤鍏夌洏蹇呴』鏍囨槑鏀寔52鍊嶉?锛屽惁鍒欏氨鍙兘浣跨敤杈冧綆鐨勯?搴﹁繘琛屽埢褰曘?涓旂洰鍓嶅厜鐩樺搧鐗岄潪甯稿锛岃淇濊瘉鍒诲綍鎴愬姛锛屽氨瑕佹眰鍒诲綍鏈鸿兘澶熶娇鐢ㄤ笉鍚岀殑鍒诲綍鐩樻垚鍔熷埢褰曞嚭涓嶅悓鏍煎紡鐨勫厜鐩樸?鑰屾娴嬬洏鐗囩殑鍏煎鎬у苟娌℃湁浠?箞鍏朵粬鐨勬柟娉曪紝涓?埇鏉ヨ锛屽悕鐗屽ぇ鍘傜敓浜х殑鍒诲綍鏈虹敱浜庣粡杩囦簡涓ユ牸鐨勮川閲忔娴嬶紝鍏煎鑳藉姏浼氬ソ涓?簺銆?br />
銆??鍒诲綍绋冲畾纭亾鐞?br />

銆??1銆佹満鑺帰绉?br />
銆??鍏夊瓨鍌ㄤ骇鍝佺殑鏈鸿姱鍒嗗鏂欐満鑺拰绾挗鏈鸿姱涓ょ銆傚鏂欐満鑺湪楂樺?閫熻繍杞墍浜х敓鐨勯珮娓╅珮鐑殑鐑樼儰涓嬶紝浼氬彂鐢熻?鍖栥?鍙樺舰鐨勭幇璞★紝瀵艰嚧璇荤洏鑳藉姏涓嬮檷銆傚叏閽㈡満鑺?鐑?涓嶅鏄撳彉褰㈢殑鐗圭偣锛屼娇鏈哄櫒璇诲彇鏁版嵁鏃㈠揩涓旂ǔ锛屽悓鏃跺ぇ骞呭害寤堕暱浜嗕娇鐢ㄥ鍛姐?浣嗘槸鍏ㄩ挗鏈鸿姱浼氬鍔犳垚鏈紝鍦ㄥ綋浠婄珵浜夋縺鐑堛?浠锋牸涓鸿儨鐨勫勾浠o紝閫氳矾鍟嗗拰鏌愪簺鍒堕?鍟嗕负浜嗗姏浜変环鏍间紭鍔块兘鎶婂厜鍌ㄤ骇鍝佺殑鏈鸿姱鎹㈡垚浜嗗鏂欑殑锛屽鍛藉ぇ澶х缉鐭?寰堝浣跨敤鑰呴兘鎰熷徆鐜板湪鐨勫厜鍌ㄨ川閲忔瘮浠ュ墠宸簡锛屾渶鐩存帴鐨勫氨鏄嬁鍦ㄦ墜涓婃瘮浠ュ墠杞讳簡璁稿銆備絾涓?簺澶у巶濡侭enQ涓轰簡淇濇寔鑷繁鐨勫0瑾夛紝涓?鏃㈠線锛屼娇鐢ㄥ叏閽㈡満鑺?濡傚浘3銆?br />

銆??鍏ㄩ挗鏈鸿姱鍥?br />


銆??2銆佽鐩樻?鑳?br />
銆??璇荤洏鎬ц兘鏄?鎷〤D-RW鐨勪竴涓噸瑕佹寚鏍囥?鍏夊瓨鍌ㄧ殑璇荤洏鍘熺悊鏄埄鐢ㄥ厜澶村彂灏勯暛灏勫厜鐓у皠鍏夌鐗囦腑鍑瑰嚫鐨勫弽灏勫眰锛岀劧鍚庨?杩囪瘑鍒厜纰熺墖涓弽灏勮繃鏉ョ殑鍏夌殑涓嶅悓鏉ュ垎杈ㄥ厜纰熺墖涓殑鏁版嵁銆傚湪鎺ユ敹鍏夌殑杩囩▼涓紝鐢变簬鍙楀埌鏉傚厜鐨勫共鎵颁細閫犳垚璇荤洏閿欒銆傜洰鍓嶅競闈笂鏈変袱绉嶆墭鐩橈紝榛戣壊鍜岀櫧鑹层?鐢变簬榛戣壊姣旂櫧鑹插惛鏀跺厜鐨勮兘鍔涘己寰楀锛屽洜姝ら粦鑹叉墭鐩樿兘鍚告敹澶ч儴鍒嗙殑骞叉壈鏉傚厜锛屼粠鑰屼娇寰楄鐩樻洿姝g‘銆傜洰鍓嶅競闈笂澶氭暟澶у巶閲囩敤榛戣壊鎵樼洏锛屼繚璇佷簡璇荤洏鎬ц兘,濡傚浘4銆?br />
銆??3銆佸噺闇囨妧鏈?br />
銆??楂橀?鍒诲綍涔嬫墍浠ヤ細瀵艰嚧绋冲畾鎬т笅闄嶏紝涓昏鐨勫師鍥犲氨鏄厜鐩橀珮閫熸棆杞紩璧风殑闇囧姩锛屼负姝ゅ巶鍟嗗紑鍙戜簡鍚勭鎶楅渿绯荤粺锛岃緝涓哄父鐢ㄧ殑鏈塂DS(鍔ㄦ?鍑忛渿绯荤粺)銆丏DSS(鍙屽姩鎬佸噺闇囧弻鎮悐绯荤粺)銆丏PSS(鍙屾偓娴姩鎬佸噺闇囩郴缁?銆乄SS(娓镐笣鎮寕绯荤粺)銆丏TDS(鍥涙偓娴叓瑙掓姉闇囩郴缁?绛夌瓑锛岃繖浜涙妧鏈熀鏈笂鍘熺悊鐩稿悓锛岄兘鑳借揪鍒颁竴瀹氱殑鎶楅渿鏁堟灉銆?br />
銆??4銆佸櫔闊炽?闃插皹鍜屾暎鐑?br />
銆??鍒诲綍鏈虹殑鍣煶鍜岀儹閲忓悓鍏堕?搴︽槸瀵嗗垏鐩稿叧鐨勶紝閫熷害瓒婇珮锛屽櫔闊冲拰鐑噺灏辫秺澶с?鍣煶鍜岀儹閲忎篃鍙互浠庡彟涓?釜瑙掑害浣撶幇鍒诲綍鐨勭ǔ瀹氭?锛屼负鎻愰珮绋冲畾鎬ф墍閲囧彇鐨勬帾鏂藉鍑忓皯鍣煶鍜屽彂鐑兘鏄緢鏈夊府鍔╃殑銆?br />
銆??鍚屾椂涔熸湁寰堝鎶?湳鍙互闄嶄綆鍏夐┍鐨勫櫔闊冲拰鍙戠儹锛屼緥濡侭enQ鍏夊瓨鍌ㄩ噰鐢ㄧ殑姘旀祦瀵艰埅鎶?湳鍙互鍦ㄥ厜椹遍珮鍊嶉?杩愯浆鏃讹紝灏嗘棤娉曟帓闄ょ殑姘旀祦鍥犲娍鍒╁锛岃揪鍒伴檷娓╅檷鍣殑浣滅敤銆?br />


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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

JSP experience of learning about the steps and timing

A common mistake is to simplify JSP as the Java. It is not, (in fact, JSP is a simplified servlets.) Programmers do not usually try to learn skills required to support and direct learning JSP. JSP is a convergence of technology, and successfully connected you need to understand the other's technology. If you already know Java, HTML and Javascript, which means that JSP will be really simple.

JSP need to become a successful programmer can refer to the timetable. Please note the following:

鈼?ignore the steps you are already familiar.

鈼?training time is only a sufficient basis on behalf of a good time to learn, so as to move to the next step.

JSP learning step 1, to establish and understand your Web Server.

Because Apache is free and work on most platforms, for training purposes and recommend Apache.

Recommended Installation Time: 2 days.

JSP learning step 2, ensure that you understand the HTML / XHTML.

Html you will need to know basis, especially HTML table layout in use. XHTML will soon be replaced by HTML, XHTML based learning is a good idea. Many programmers

Learning through HTML IDE HTML (Integrated Development Environment). Because most of the confusion of HTMl HTML IDE syntax, so I spent time learning hand-writing html is necessary. Because

You will use the JSP and HTML hybrid programming, proficient in HTML syntax is important. So you must be able to fluently write HTML.

Recommended training time: 2 to 4 weeks.

JSP learning step 3, to start learning Java.

Start learning Java 1.3 Java based understanding is very important. Do not worry about learning Java Swing or graphics, because the JSP does not use these features in you. Focus

Details of work in Java to learn Java, logic, also spent time Java Bean. Learning Applet is good, but like Swing, JSP's most applications will not use the applet.

Recommended training time: 3 to 6 weeks.

Step 4 JSP learning, learning JavaScript.

Learning how to verify JavaScript in HTML Form input elements. Also learn how JavaScript can modify the Form within a HTML page element. Finally one can ask you

HTML page to trigger events within the JavaScript. Function.

Recommended training time: 1 ~ 2 weeks.

JSP learning step 5, to learn and understand your Web Server for better detail.

Familiar with the Web Server's features, it is very important.

Recommended training time: 2 days.

JSP learning step 6, create your JSP Server

I recommend to start Tomcat. It is well run JSP programs. When you can not use Tomcat in production, the study of knowledge as much as possible in order to better run the program. In addition, Xu

Many JSP programmers use Tomcat. So when you encounter a problem, you will easily find help.

Recommended Installation Time: 1 to 2 days.

JSP learning step 7, started learning JSP.

JSP learning basic steps 1 through step 6 to complete, then use the JSP JSP objects and script writing program to contact. Another aspect of learning JSP can learn how to create

Build a distributed application.

Recommended training time: 4 to 6 weeks.

JSP learning step 8, to learn more JSP server.

No more JSP Server, of course you can run jsp programs. However, many JSP server by its own special feature that allows you to better understand your JSP project.

Learn more about how to handle jsp Jsp server program is necessary. Also can optimize your JSP application, and make it run faster without any problems.

Recommended training time: 2 to 7 days.

JSP learning step 9, to learn JDBC.

JSP most applications will use the database, JDBC is used for database connection. Often overlooked fact is that every JDBC Driver is supported by something quite different. The

Understand and be familiar with the jsp works on the details of using the JDBC driver is very important. (Sometimes this part of the study were included in the previous study in Java or JSP has.)

Recommended training time: 1 ~ 2 weeks.

Now, you have become skilled JSP programmers. There is still much to learn, you may consider expanding your knowledge such as DHTML, XML, java certification, JSP Tag Libraries or Servlets, made you want to see what type of site and determined.

The training is the core of JSP. You do not have to learn all of the above, depending on your project assigned to what tasks and what knowledge you have. But this is my timetable for the successful training of programmers. The key element is time. Said average, 5 months to train a person does (from start to finish) to become a programmer familiar with jsp. 5 months seems a long time, but to become a senior WEB programmers have learned much more than this number.

JSP is more than learning steps, maybe you think that learning a language takes too long, because ASP will learn faster, and time will be shorter. But the learning does not need to learn java in ASP.


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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reflections on the supervision and standardization

Abstract In this paper, the construction industry in China since the implementation of the supervision system to the current situation and difficulties faced, explore the various reasons, and from the practice of supervision of construction work on the standardization of China put forward their own views.

1 Supervision of the present situation and the environment faced by

Supervision of construction projects undertaken in nearly ten years, due to the construction industry for many years entrenched ways of thinking and practice, making the implementation of supervision in accordance with international practice, the system is not perfect. Supervision of the conduct in this area has been stagnant deep, also resulted in the development of China's construction market is not standardized, unhealthy. Supervision of the present situation and problems due to environment, mainly in the following areas:

(1) most of the current construction projects are not the whole process of supervision, but only limited supervision of the construction phase of the project.

(2) in the supervision system, the three elements of "quality, investment and progress," control, the actual work is only to stay in quality control, and investment, the progress of the majority is a form of control, many still remain in the talk by the project owner count of the stage, did not reflect the impartiality of the Commissioner.

(3) in the supervision system implementation process, supervision of construction projects should have the necessary authority. Dan in China can not fully exercise their supervisory powers of supervision in accordance with criteria for issuing the important directives (Ru suspension order, resumption of work order, etc.) Since the parties failed to implement Zhixing Ganrao last.

(4) construction projects, due to conservative ideas, some owners can not straighten their position on the supervisory responsibilities under the contract does not actively perform, such as: do not pay the supervision fee under the contract on time, can not provide office space for the supervision and work facilities.

(5) As the construction market, increasing competition, the supervision and project supervision units to obtain competing to keep the prices down, causing the market cycle. Management remuneration is low, affecting the work of supervision engineer's enthusiasm and sense of responsibility.

2 Analysis

2.1 The project owner has not changed the old concept of form drag on the supervision system to promote

Engineering Project Management System in accordance with international practice, project owners, contractors, construction supervision units form a mainstay of the market, they are each equal trimers, there is no affiliation between each other, nor is the relationship between employment and be employed. However, due to the current competitive construction market, demand exceeds supply, and the bidding system is not perfect, the owners seem, his supervision units and contractors are hired, and should listen to his command. Therefore, the supervision will often be the owners of interference and obstruction. In our previous supervisory experience in a project once it two things: a construction unit in the pouring of concrete, the surface structure with local anesthesia occurred, supervisors, after careful observation, that Ma face is partial, superficial, do not need special treatment.

Can make up for the course of follow-up of plaster, while the on-site owners on behalf of the lack of engineering experience, too much emphasis on project quality, the need to rework deal with, and unauthorized construction units work to make rectification order, both the delay time, increased construction unit costs unnecessarily. Another thing is the construction unit in the reinforced concrete construction process, there is no implementation of the process inspection system, reinforced by the supervisors did not verify the check and acceptance, but also did not get the concrete poured to make the case to unauthorized pouring of concrete, supervisors discovered , immediately issued a stop work order and request construction unit rework, but the owners to drive progress, strongly disagree supervisors views, resulting in orders can not be implemented. The opposite surface, these two things, but in fact the owners are not properly position itself, ultra vires the command, so that supervision can not be normal. Although some owners to control their investments to the supervising engineer, but it is only a superficial, when the progress of the project supervising engineer visa section of the certificate, the owner does not pay on time and quantity, resulting in supervising engineer on the project investment can not be effective control, also makes the schedule control has become empty talk. This is the "Three control" into "one control" of the main reasons.

2.2 Supervision needs to further improve the formulation of laws and regulations

Supervising engineer services for the owners, and owners have the authority and the commission before engaging in supervision. Thus, supervisors can easily be subject to the owners. When owners and contractors in the project implementation disputes, supervising engineer shall be subject to third-party standing in the position of Commissioner of the Code, the fair treatment of both disputes. In China, the current "standard of construction supervision of the commission contract terms," it does not confer the power of supervision engineer should therefore be able to manage this very difficult. For example, the "standard of construction supervision commission contract terms" Article 16 (2) provides: Release Management Engineer start order, suspension order, return to work order by the owner's consent to. This limits the independence of the work supervision engineer, will not be able to deal justly with the owners and contractors of the dispute. In the real work, will often see this phenomenon: As the work of upholding the principles of supervision engineers, and sometimes there was a deadlock on the make supervision; or just listen to the owners of the supervising engineer, and also allows supervision to lose impartiality.

2.3 Supervision Unit their own problems

Supervisors their quality is not high. As the current market standard in supervision, and supervision of low remuneration, supervision can not attract high-quality technical expertise, personnel engaged in supervision. Therefore, the supervisors presented the organizational structure of polarization: one is from the construction, design units are older retired from the engineering and technical personnel. These people have a certain theoretical and practical experience, but lack practical experience in project supervision. The other part is just and colleges allocated to the graduates. That some people experience worse. Some supervisors discipline loose, or even use work will take, take, to greatly damaged the reputation of the profession supervision. Although the nominal supervision units have a number of levels of qualification certificate and business license, but not their regular employees, do not possess the qualifications in supervision. Made task on a few people on the provisional Minato, mission was over, staff on the dissolution, not to mention conduct standardized supervision.

3 on the standard supervision Suggestions

3.1 The project owner to change the old ideas, and project owners to conduct the necessary constraints and norms

(1) The Government should be representatives of the owner or owners induction training. Analysis from the front, we can see the behavior of the owners is the impact of supervision carried out important factors. Supervision can be carried out smoothly, the key is whether there is a good quality of the owners. This is mainly because the owner holds a lot of construction activity in the decision-making power, but no corresponding rules and regulations binding. Supervisory personnel engaged in supervision, to have the certificate of supervision engineer positions, and the owners of the site owners or representatives of accredited project management do not need any certificate. They may not understand the procedures and working methods of supervision, technical expertise or do not know, but can use their power, subjectivity. The solution is to allow owners to learn the relevant state policies and regulations, learn the professional technical knowledge, and obtain the corresponding positions certificate to apply for construction permits and other relevant written procedures.

(2) to strengthen government enforcement inspection and supervision. Projects in accordance with international practice management system, the administrative department of the government building to the owners, contractors and supervision units and supervision of construction activities. But in fact, carry out the work in this area is relatively weak, causing some owners of irregularities or unreasonable demands in limbo, unable to correct the situation. Therefore, we should strengthen the government departments of law enforcement inspection and supervision and management, there is need for criticism and education through administrative penalties and other means, stipulating that the owners of 涓?irregularities.

3.2 to further modify and improve the supervision and regulations

The current supervision, the supervising engineer is difficult to play a role in contract management, mainly due to the existing legislation does not empower the Commissioner of supervision engineer should have power.鍥藉鐨勩?FIDIC 鍦熸湪宸ョ▼鏂藉伐鍚堝悓鏉′欢銆嬬殑绐佸嚭鐗圭偣鏄紝鍦ㄤ紬澶氭潯娆惧唴灏嗙鐞嗙殑鏉冨姏璧嬩簣浜嗙洃鐞嗗伐绋嬪笀銆傛瘮濡傦紝鍦ㄨ繘搴︽帶鍒舵柟闈紝鐩戠悊宸ョ▼甯堝彂甯冪殑寮?伐浠ゃ?鍋滃伐浠ゃ?澶嶅伐浠や笉闇?缁忚繃涓氫富鐨勫悓鎰忋?

銆??鍦ㄦ姇璧勬帶鍒舵柟闈紝涓氫富涓嶆寜鏃舵敮浠樺伐绋嬫锛岀洃鐞嗗伐绋嬪笀鏈夋潈涓烘壙鍖呭晢杩藉姞寤舵湡鍒╂伅銆傚湪璐ㄩ噺鎺у埗鏂归潰銆傛壙寤哄晢蹇呴』鏃犳潯浠跺湴鎵ц鐩戠悊宸ョ▼甯堝彂甯冪殑娑夊強鍚堝悓鍐呯殑鍚勯」鎸囦护銆傝?涓旂洃鐞嗗伐绋嬪笀鍙戝竷鐨勬寚浠や笉浠呭鎵垮缓鍟嗘湁绾︽潫鍔涳紝鑰屼笖瀵逛笟涓诲悓鏍峰叿鏈夌害鏉熷姏銆傚洜姝わ紝鎴戜滑搴斿?閴淬?FIDIC 鍚堝悓鏉′欢銆嬶紝淇敼鍜屽畬鍠勭洃鐞嗘硶瑙勶紝浣跨洃鐞嗗伐绋嬪笀鍦ㄥ悎鍚岀鐞嗕腑灞呬簬鏍稿績鍦颁綅锛屼篃浣垮緱浠栬兘澶熷湪宸ヤ綔涓嚟鑷繁鐨勮亴涓氶亾寰枫?涓撲笟鎶?湳銆佸疄璺电粡楠岋紝鐙珛鍦版?鑰冮棶棰橈紝鍏鍦拌В鍐抽棶棰樸?

銆??3.3 鍩瑰吇涓?壒楂樼礌璐ㄧ殑宸ョ▼寤鸿鐩戠悊浜烘墠


銆??3.4 鍔犲己瀵圭洃鐞嗗崟浣嶇殑璧勮川瀹℃煡涓庣鐞?br />
銆??濡備笂鎵?堪锛岀洰鍓嶅悎鏍肩殑鐩戠悊浜哄憳骞朵笉澶氾紝浣嗘槸鐩戠悊鍗曚綅鍗存垚绔嬩簡寰堝锛屽憟鐜颁竴鍝勮?涓婄殑灞?潰銆傛寜鐓с?宸ョ▼寤鸿鐩戠悊鍗曚綅璧勮川绠$悊璇曡鍔炴硶銆嬶紝瀵圭幇鏈夌洃鐞嗗崟浣嶈繘琛岀殑璧勮川瀹℃煡锛屽涓嶅鏉′欢鐨勶紝璇ラ檷绾х殑闄嶇骇锛岃鎾ら攢鐨勬挙閿??鍙湁杩欐牱锛屾墠鑳芥爲绔嬭捣鐩戠悊琛屼笟鑹ソ鐨勮亴涓氬舰璞★紝鎺ㄥ姩鐩戠悊浜嬩笟鏈濊鑼冨寲銆佸埗搴﹀寲銆佺瀛﹀寲鏂瑰悜鍙戝睍锛屼繚璇佺洃鐞嗕簨涓氱殑鍋ュ悍鎴愰暱銆?br />


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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To work time "to steal food," the employee settings, "Health Model"

From "stealing food" and "health model" Speaking of

Recently, QQ happy farm for many users, "middle of the night to steal food" phenomenon, in particular, introduced a "health model" of the new features. In the "health model" effect of time period, the system can protect the farm, friends during this time will not steal your food. Open the health model, the day the period 00:00-07:00 of "peace rest time", friends can not be extracted to your farm operation, of course, this time period you can not steal the same good Friends and harvest their crops. 07:00 am after the health model will be automatically lifted.

It is reported that, with the exception QQ farm, happy net, all net sites all have "stolen food" game. QQ farm with "health model" than the network has a similar plan happy, such as the Internet can choose their own gardens have rest time, rest time can not harvest certain plants or animals can not be stolen.

Reclamation enterprises, the staff "stealing food"

Online "stealing food," the game and gradually become a widespread social phenomenon, not only affects the users normal night rest, there are many white-collar work hours indulging in "stealing food" game, leading to decline in the quality and efficiency, and even one has lost his job. However, by comparison, the Internet, "stealing food," only the tip of the iceberg, more work-related network applications, such as the use of QQ, MSN, Want Want Taobao IM tools such as chat, online movies, listening to music, write a blog, in the community and the BBS posting meaningless irrigation, use of BT, Thunder, Express, etc. to download video files, shares, and visit entertainment sites, online shopping, etc., a wide variety of online entertainment acts will occur during working hours in the office. These work-related personal network behavior - in another sense of "stealing food" - taking up a lot of staff time and energy it can not focus at work, work efficiency greatly reduced, but also a waste of units of bandwidth, improved office costs, so that units of the network, "vegetable" shortage, drought, pests and hygiene, production plummeted.

Enterprises access to the Internet in order to better improve employee productivity, business unit to provide efficient and convenient processing tools, communication measures, transport infrastructure and information access platform, on the rational use of network bandwidth resources so that maximum value is the common aspiration of all the network units. However, all staff working hours online behavior of non-work demands it and the unit runs counter to the interests of not only the damaged unit, but not conducive to the growth of its own staff and long-term development. On the one hand, the unit hope the employees can fully physically and mentally during their working hours into work, do not waste a single second of time; the other hand, employees working hours of network resources using the unit dealing with the "private business" can not concentrate at work affect efficiency. Seen in this light, the unit and staff appears to have a confrontation, irreconcilable contradictions. In fact, if handled properly, take the right management, this seemingly irreconcilable contradictions could be eliminated, or even to further the interests of both units and employees to achieve a high degree of unity.

Work and rest, reasonable "extract"

In the end there is a solution to the disorder line staff working hours problem? This problem has plagued the business unit network management, while giving owners a headache. Increasing popularity of the Internet era, network directly off certainly does not work. Staff working hours to monitor the online behavior and the establishment of inspection staff will be more alone time, manpower, material costs, the enterprise is more worth it. Firewalls, proxy servers, routers, gateways, UTM, they can try to network and security management device also no way to solve all the problems in one step. Units can not do anything on the Internet, feel despair, the Shanghai R & D network of new web-way independent inspectors of Internet behavior management device shine in the market to enterprises and institutions of employee Web access management and network information security sheds some light .

For the QQ space, happy network, school web sites such as farms, "stealing food" games, the network can be done to prohibit the staff inspectors working hours access to the site or prevent such network services so that employees can not be big in the working time "kind of vegetables, "" stealing food "and will concentrate on work, security work efficiency. When setting rules, the relevant management staff in various departments according to the nature of work units and specific working conditions of employees to develop flexible management strategies. Typically, if a company working time 9:00-12:00 am, 13:00-18:00 pm, then the company can access the network inspector will allow SNS website and its game time set for the morning and the module 9:00 until noon, 12:00-13:00, and after 18 o'clock this evening the three time periods. In this way, employees can concentrate on work during working hours, non-working time in the game a rest, relax, play a relieve fatigue. Previously described for a wide variety of employee non-work online behavior, the unit can also be taken to develop management strategies of this management.

Network Inspector also allows differentiation of the online personnel authorized by this feature, the unit can be senior managers and key personnel to avoid monitoring, preventing the disclosure of confidential information caused by excessive control. Needs of different departments according to their access to the corresponding authority would allow for unified management. Network Inspector is by far the most professional, most comprehensive network behavior management functions, such as user management, real-time monitoring, access control, bandwidth management, mail interception, desktop management, information auditing, statistical analysis, intelligent maintenance and management of central functions, Internet units can be flexible according to management needs to set their own management strategies and rules, the maximum value of network resources.

Use of the Internet behavior management device, easy to solve the network access unit staff face behavior management problems, Internet behavior management devices appropriately played a "health model" protective effect, employees can not work time to "extract" the fruit farm, the business unit to develop "vegetable" and therefore be effectively protected, the harvest will be better harvest.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Teach you from complex background using Photoshop cutout dress

Some time ago made a "wedding Matting simplest method" tutorial, many people asked, if the background is a flower, how to pull it? Today I again made a tutorial about this, I hope we can be inspired by this tutorial, we extend an open line of thought.

1, the following is the original image to be processed:

Pending pictures

2, with the pen tool or lasso tool to tick the main characters (ie non-transparent part) is as follow:

Tick the main body with a pen or lasso

3, as a constituency included in the path. This sentence does not matter if you clear, you press ctrl + Enter to path to ant line on the line. As shown:

As a constituency included in the path

4, to keep ants line the same, automatically generated by ctrl + j "Layer 1", hide the background layer, the effect shown in the figure:

Copy constituency for the new layer

5, hidden layer 1, back to the background layer, with the pen tool or lasso tool to tick transparent wedding, we also addressed this important part of transparency.

Outlined some of transparency Wedding

6 Similarly, the press ctrl + Enter so that the path to ant line. Press ctrl + j automatically generated "Layer 2", hidden background layer, the effect shown in the figure:

Generate a new layer copy of constituencies

7, hold down the ctrl key, electric shocks in the red circle icon with the mouse button in the bottom layer 2 automatically generates a "layer 3", will be filled with the blue layer 3, as shown:

New and fill layers

8, we are now thinking of how to dress in a way to get rid of grass in it? Gaussian blur can be done with specific practices, please continue to look down.

Gaussian blur

9, first layer 2 and layer mode to "brightness", you see, the grass disappeared, leaving a white wedding dress and white things like grass.

Change the layer mixed-mode

10, the same pen tool or lasso tool to tick the range of white grass area. As shown:

Outlines the scope of regional white grass

11, emergence constituency

Emergence constituency

12, emergence is 2

Eclosion value of 2

13, Gaussian blur

Gaussian blur

14, we see, by the Gaussian blur, the elimination of the Pennisetum-like things, but the wedding was not very transparent.

Gaussian blur effect

15, in order to make more transparent wedding, you need to adjust the "Brightness / Contrast" the.

Adjust the "Brightness / Contrast"

16, will transfer into the brightness value of -15, significantly higher than on the wedding plans a bit transparent.

Set the brightness value

17, press ctrl + d cancel ant line, so that layer 1 appears before the eyes, the wedding matting basically completed.


18, back to Layer 1, with the stamp tool to trim the edge of the weeds clothes.

Clothes with a seal tool to trim the edge of the weeds

19, with the stamp tool a few random points, the final results as shown:

We see, Wedding pull out! Is it difficult to pull it? As long as we are willing to use their brains, it is also not difficult!

Add this: We must note that this is a very important addition! If the background is different, the final results are not satisfactory, can be transparent to the color layer wedding, and then change the layer mode to "screen" (the "color filter"), then "Brightness / Contrast" command slightly adjusted depending on the circumstances, the effect as good.

To color

Change the layer mixed mode "screen (the color filter)"

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Monday, July 5, 2010

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